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Ireland's unmatched offshore wind potential

Inis Offshore Wind is an Irish renewable energy firm working to enable a sustainable energy future for the people of Ireland. Backed by the Temporis Aurora Fund, whose investors include the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF).

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to harness Ireland’s vast offshore wind energy potential to accelerate and deliver Ireland’s energy transition to a clean, sustainable, low-carbon system.

About Temporis

Temporis is an Irish based investment management house with operations in Cork and Dublin with a long history of developing and constructing renewable energy assets in the UK and Ireland.

Aurora Fund

The Temporis Aurora fund is dedicated exclusively to the development of renewable energy projects in Ireland and the involvement of ISIF gives the people of Ireland a direct stake in our future success.


At Inis Offshore Wind, we are driven to develop our projects in a sustainable way. We work closely with local communities and key stakeholders, including marine users, to ensure their views are heard to maximise the positive impact our projects have on the communities where we operate.


Based in Dublin and Cork, our team consists of highly experienced renewable energy professionals who are passionate about addressing climate change. Being entirely based in Ireland, our team has strong roots in local communities across Ireland and extensive experience across wind energy and renewable project development.


We are working closely with local communities and key stakeholders to ensure their views are heard and to maximise the positive impact of our projects. We have answered some frequently asked questions about the project below.

Why Offshore Wind?

The government have set an ambitious targets to decarbonise by 2030 with 80% of electricity generation from renewable sources. To achieve this target, 5GW of this generation will come from offshore wind. Offshore wind is stronger and more consistent than onshore wind. The combination of larger offshore turbines and high wind speeds generate more energy production. Currently, in Ireland, wind generation is intermittent, and the grid system operator requires older conventional plant to balance the system. Offshore wind generation will be operating on a more consistent basis and will make it easier for the grid operator to balance the system from renewable sources.

Why this location?

The Irish Sea is known for having some of the best wind conditions in Europe for producing renewable energy. Using existing data sources, studies of the seabed and wave and wind conditions indicate the Wicklow Coast as potentially suitable for developing an offshore wind project.

What is a Foreshore Investigation Licence?

The foreshore is defined as the land and the seabed from the high water mark (HWM) to a twelve nautical mile limit from shore. A foreshore Investigation licence (FSIL) grants the holder the right to undertake certain specified surveys and site investigation works in the foreshore on a non-exclusive basis for a defined period of time.

What is a MAC?

A MAC stands for Maritime Area Consent. Any developers seeking to develop in a specific maritime area will require a MAC. This is a new consent that comes under the new maritime legislation, Maritime Area Planning (MAP) Bill 2021

Who are MARA?

The Maritime Area Regulatory Authority (MARA) will be established as the new department responsible for considering, granting, suspending or monitoring all MAC applications and the enforcement of new regulatory regime of the maritime area. This department will replace the foreshore unit.